Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Holland Expects 41,000 Travelers Indonesia

Netherlands as one of the biggest country of cheese, has tourist places of historical value and high art. Call it the Anne Frank House, a museum located in the city of Amsterdam that became the hiding place of Anne Frank during World War II. In addition to historical museums, the Netherlands also has a most beautiful spring garden in the world, namely, the Keukenhof.

Garden inspiring presents more than 30 performances are spectacular flowers in a land area of ​​about 32 hectares. Visitors can enjoy the most beautiful moments in between the flowers.

Through Netherland Tourism Board and Conventions (NBTC), State Windmills wants to promote to the people of Indonesia will be a huge tourism potential of the Netherlands that is packed with brand of "Holland".

In carrying out its mission, NBTC receives financial support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands. In addition to government funding, NBTC also cooperate intensively with stakeholders inside and outside the hospitality sector.

"NBTC is a non-profit organization that specializes as a marketing and branding agency for brand 'Holland' which was established in 1968. We've done the marketing to Europe, North America, South America (Brazil) and Asia," said Jos Vranken as Managing Director of the NBTC.

The series of events titled promo NBTC South East Asia Sales Mission 2014 was made at a seminar held on October 27, 2014 at Hotel The Ritz Carlton Jakarta, and on October 29, 2014 in Surabaya. This activity not only in Jakarta and Surabaya, but also in Singapore.

In this event, NBTC will promote the "Holland" which include some of the participants in it, such as Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Henri Willig (Zaanse Schans), Mc ArthurGlenn (Design Outlet Center Roermond) and Keukenhof, Amsterdam City of Diamonds (Gassan Diamonds, Coster Diamonds, Diamonds Zazare).

South East Asia Sales Mission 2014 - Jakarta, inviting some travel agent partners and their counterparts in the Indonesian media as part of its inaugural mission in Indonesia.

According to the Director of Networking and Business Development NBTC, Andrew Van Der Feltz, approach to travel agents is expected to increase the number of products on a travel agent to be offered to the Indonesian market. Carrying promo "Holland", NBTC wants to build a positive image of the country as the cheese right destination for a vacation, business meetings, and conventions.

For NBTC, Indonesia with a population of approximately 250.6 million and an average economic growth of 6 percent per year from 2010 to 2013 is a potential target market for growth in the Dutch tourism industry.

On the other hand, the Netherlands also has become top of mind for tourists Indonesia European destinations. In 2012, nearly 97,000 visitors to Indonesia to travel to Europe, and 33,000 of them include a visit to the Netherlands on their way in Europe.

According to Andrew Van Der Feltz, since 2009 the number of flights from Indonesia to the Netherlands increased significantly. In 2013, there were 990 flights with a contribution of more than 318,000 seats. In fact, since May 2014, Garuda is the first airline to fly non-stop to Amsterdam. This makes the mission "Holland" optimistic that Indonesia is targeting 41,000 tourists will visit the Netherlands throughout 2014.

"Through this promotion mission, we expect the number of people in Indonesia who visited the Netherlands will increase significantly and stay longer in the Netherlands," said Andrew.

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